Friday, March 9, 2012


So I've been seeing a lot of people actually hate on SHINee because of two teaser photos. Guys ... WTH ... SHINee hasn't comeback in more than a year and you guys are complaining. I mean, It's okay to have an opinion and voice it (I do it myself all the time it's FUN, I did it for Taemins Teaser too), but why outright hate on them. I think that's plain stupid. I'm not asking you guys to like everything (because that's just being hypocritical no one can like everything) but at least stop saying that SHINee is producing porn, or that they are ruined, or that Taemin is a slut, or that their comeback is a failure, when we aren't even into 10% of the promotion -_-

Anyway, we all know S.M. is a troll when it comes to teasers (remember the Mr. Simple promotions and The Boys). So take the pictures as they come but remember the meaning behind them,
  SHINee is finally back!

Plus, complaining so much just gives the impression that you guys are in it only for the appearances and not the music, which is what really counts. Those who are worried about the music following the trend of their teasers can calm down, SHINee always produces solid albums. Come on, let's appreciate their hard work even if you find it outrages.

1. This is going around tumblr as the track list, I don't know if it's official but I'm excited !!! Does anybody know when the pre-orders are going to start on or ?

2. The third Taemin teaser photo, he's so beautiful here. Seriously, I know he doesn't like being called beautiful but that's what he is O.O Plus, his hair is so long and pretty, longer than Lucifer days ^^


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