Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SHINee is back Baby !!!

SHINee's Coming Back !
Yes Yes Yes !
Okay I don't know what to think about this teaser or the fact that SM is making them release a mini album and not a full album, but I'm just so glad they are back !!!!!

Fan girl moment over

WTH did they do to Minho ... yeah .... I don't like the picture or his hair, but I like the guy so, I will let it go.
Check out Minho's <3 Teaser picture below !!!

P.S. Whoever has been asking where his abs are ... ummm ... I think they are right there but this time around he's not flexing unlike the picture in the "Lucifer" album, plus the lightning is fixed on the center of his body so they're kind of invisible, but I can still get a glimpse in the first picture ^^ 

Album release on the 21st !!!


  1. OMG!!! yes SHINee is back!!! i am sooo happy :))
    and excited :))) ♥♥♥
    i looove thie pics >.<
    he looks hot i think :3
    and his hair is soo cuteee x3
    ♥ always shawol ♥ :)

    1. Agreed !!! 4EVER a SHAWOL <3 plus Flamer <3