Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peace with EXO

So I've read that EXO will release another prologue single on March 9 called "History", and in all honestly I don't care. I don't mean it in the "I've lost my will to care for them" way, but rather in the "I've made up my mind to wait for them and like them no matter what they throw at us before their debut".

I like them and I'm willing to wait because they seems promising and interesting, and the type of group I can love (a la SHINee and Infinite). It should be noted that all of the songs in their teasers hint at songs I would appreciate.  Plus ... it's getting annoying reading so many comments complaining about the countless teasers, just lay  back relax and enjoy ... or something like that LOL, because it just seems unreasonable and ignorant to see so much hate towards a group that hasn't debuted ^^

Plus I think I have a thing for D.O....


Also the Shawol in me won't complain by the outrageous number of teasers, or how messed up S.M. is because It seems like they are giving us SHINee while we wait for EXO (YAY). I miss SHINee so much, the sooner they are back the better. It is believed that EXO will debut between SHINee's first and second promotion ^^

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  1. You know....I think I've come to a similar conclusion with EXO. I may complain about the next twenty teasers but I really am looking forward to them debuting this year ^.^