Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 15 Kpop Guys to Marry

The three contributors to our blog have decided to create this list. Here are each of our five top Kpop men who would make great husbands, with a short description as to why. Please tell us who has better taste J   

(We have been working on this list for almost 2 months because a certain person could not make up her mind on who to choose (ahem ... miruuku))

1. Max Changmin
During an interview Changmin said "I will deliberately lose to girls. If I fight with my girlfriend, I will correct my mistakes, and apologize first by saying 'sorry'." That is a true man. He’s also said he wants  to marry a girl who is under 30, bemusing people when he said it would be more difficult to have children if she was older LOL
2.  Lee Jang Woo

Jang Woo is a great guy who loves the outdoors and spending time with his loved one. He is talented (he can act and sing well), and good looking. This guy shows us he can be a good husband in We Got Married, alongside T-ara’s Eunjung. He takes care of her, is always confident, takes the lead, protects her, is playful, honest, and a little perverted. He would make a great husband for any lucky girl.
3. U-know Yunho
Yunho is a man who knows what he wants. Recently in a show he said he wanted to marry before the age of 31, and I truly believe that the woman he chooses will be very fortunate. He is a handsome man who is very dedicated, and seems to have a good heart. Although he once said he wanted 5 boys and 20 girls as children LOL that’s extreme. 
4. Choi Minho
Flaming Charisma Minho is still young but he is charming in every way. He is sometimes shy and quiet, but can be extremely energetic and competitive. In truth he would make a great husband when he’s older because he has the will to make a relationship work and  the power to charm his wife for life. 
5. Lee Junho
“I want to have a wonderful marriage and enjoy the rest of my life with my children.” That’s what Junho said in a Japanese interview about his life in thirty years. Junho is a cool guy who likes to have fun and will surely give a girlfriend or a wife the time of her life. May I mention he said he wanted to shower with his girlfriend LOL

1. Choi Siwon
Super Junior 

It is a known fact that he is a "prince" for he is polite, rich, and handsome, but what really gets me is his love for god. He calls himself "Soldier of Light," and he openly and proudly admits to his beliefs. This in turn makes me believe he would be a great father (a great husband must be a great father after all). Also, he always says sweet things 
like, "While you are in Korea, we'll protect you," and things along the lines. What got me was when he explained that Taekwondo (in which he has a black belt) was for self-defense, and protecting your loved ones. What more is there to say? Such a sweet heart, yet very manly!
2. Hwang Chansung
After seeing his character (that he portrays anyhow), what I could make out is that he is capable of learning from his mistakes! He truly does respect his hyungs, and shows it quite often. He may not seem as the maknae visually but he does act up to the title. Though he may be "immature" and not fully prepared for a role as a husband, that’s what would make the marriage interesting, and you could grow as couple/together. He'd be able to play with the kids more naturally  (again with great husband, comes great father).
3. Choi Daniel

When we see the acting of a certain person, we can usually see characteristics that they have in real life. Of the aspects that you could bring to marriage, would be how he is loud, in a way that makes you know how he feels (this will give communication a huge boost). Though mostly childish, this could also mean: fun, outgoing, straightforward, energetic, and lack of dullness. After all, do you really have to be shy around the person you marry?
4. Park Sang Hyun (Thunder)
He seems very quiet and reserved, almost like a mystery, but he is quite caring and lovable. His sister called him shy, but was quite happy when he showed up at 2NE1'S waiting room (for the first time). The "Park" siblings are close, and it shows how he has a very sweet side to him. On stage, his facial expressions are limited or absent, yet when he is it at interviews, he lets his guard down and smiles (and even makes cute faces All in all, it would be amazing to have such a sweet guy as a husband.
5. Seulong

A serious face, a sculptured body (10 out of 10), and singing skills, he has them. That's not all he has in store for us, since we need more personality traits to fit the marriage-material status. His sense of humor is glamorous. I could imagine myself joking around with him and having fun without going out on dates. That would be a great idea since it is extremely difficult for idols to keep any relationship secret or private. Having him around would bring joy and laughter to the woman he ends up with. 

Big Bang
He is polite and respectful when talking to others, and most of all, protects his fans and people who are in harm’s way risking his own life. Imagine him always protecting you….What’s not to like? If you don’t know what I’m talking about here it is:
Nichkhun is sweet, and very caring.  He always thinks of what would make you happy but still gets jealous which makes him overly attractive if you ask me! Please, don’t believe me? Watch WE GOT MARRIED!
3.Lee Minho
There is nothing that can describe Lee Minho better than his own charisma. He is very professional and dedicated, which if he has in acting, imagine how great of a husband he would be!
4.Kim So Hyun
He is the dorkiest actor I have ever seen, but that is his charm. I love how patient and mellow he is but he also has the energy to make everything fun! Being married to him would never get boring, SERIOUSLY.
5.Kim Bum
He first caught my eye when I began to watch Boys Over Flowers (he was the only reason I watched it). He is shy and easily gets flustered but becomes very mature and strong when talking about the women he would date. I would love to be protected so marry me!


  1. I can't choose! There are guys I like in all three lists ^.^