Monday, July 4, 2011

Kpop Rant 1 or maybe 2 hmmmm ???

Okay so I was watching Dream Team Hallyu Star Special Part 2 and i was mesmerized by Minho's charisma he is plain awesome. All the girls there where lieke "WOOOOW", and "WUUUUUUUUUUUUU", and "AAAAAAAA". I was like "yes yes yes Minho you can do it! FIGHTING !!!" , and of course he did it becouse he is flaming charisma Minho !!! I was also suprised by our Maknae Taemin who did great and looks alot more manly :) Minho !!! Taemin !!! SHINee!!! Fighting !!! SHINee COMEBACK SOON PLEASE !!!

Oh and Super Junior was there too but they where mostly a failure, none of there members made it trough while Minho and Taemin rocked Dream Team !!! Not hating on SuJu they where still funny. LoVe SuJu !!!

Okay so here is SHINee's cut on Dream Team ... jujutaem thanks to for subbing !!!

So after I saw the full episode I went to a thread and found myself with this epic video once again. Minho's solo performance at the SHINee World concert, I wish I could have been there !!! I did the next best thing ... Downloaded it :) Enjoy, I will say no more. Okay ill say one word ... SEXY !!!

I also found a really cute picture I had to share .... since i'm in the mood after redecorating the site...
CUTE Isn't it !
Kyuhyun and Siwon

Oh and also miruuku might kill me, but I really like this picture (of course its not even in the same league as the video above, but its good). Here is Siwon for all of you out there .

OK so bye I might keep writing if my boredom returns. Beware !!!


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