Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Infinite Rleases First Album Preview !!!

The boys of Infinite will be back with 10 NEW tracks on July 22 ^^
Although it has been reported that Woollim Entertainment had to throw away 30,000 copies of the album due to a printing error, it seems like they will be keeping to their previous announcement and release the CD on the given date. We anxiously await the release of the album here at Debonaire Flare: Kpop, since we are all fans.
Infinite Fighting !!!

Track List
01. “Intro – Over the Top”
02. “Be Mine”
03. “One Third”
04. “Tic Toc”
05. “Julia”
06. “Because”
07. “Time”
08. “Amazing”
09. “Crying”
10. “Real Story”

credit woolliment @ YT & allkpop


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