Monday, July 4, 2011

Best K-POP Songs Ever - Tier 5


9. Super Junior K.R.Y - FLY                                                              
Fly is a song that was created in order to promote Superstar K, a show where aspiring singers compete. The cool thing is that the lyrics of this song can be applied to absolutely all of your dreams. It is a really happy song that pushes you to reach the sky, and fly :)
When I hear this song I feel really energized and happy. K.R.Y is known for their awesome vocals and this song is not an exception. Furthermore, I love hearing the boys sing happy songs.

credit to thesuitelife147 @ YT for subs

10. Ft Island - 널 갖겠다 (I'll Have You)
Break up, and true love, are the themes of this song. It tells the story of a couple who breaks up, but the guy is convinced that she is his true love and he has to get her back. He goes trough various steps to realize this, like meeting girls, but understands he can't forget her.
I really LOVE Hongki's voice, it is so mesmerizing and enjoyable. The vocals fit extremely well with the feeling of the song, longing and pain. Ft Islands songs are soooo gooood that it won't be surprising if they end up appearing on our list alot more times.

credit to Platypizz @ YT


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