Monday, July 18, 2011

Simon and Martina meet f(x) and Super Junior !!!

Simon and Martina are well known names to the kpop fandom oversees. They are a young married Canadian couple, that live in Korea. They also have a weekly show on You Tube called Kpop Music Mondays (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ^^). Okay, so Simon and Martina , participated in Star King some weeks ago and have just recently released two videos with Super Junior and f(x) on the show. I found this really fun, and cute so here it is.

This is the actual cut on Star King ^^

Simon and Martina's official website is and their YouTube channel can be found here. ^.^

Simon, Martina keep up the good work, you guys are extremely fun to watch !!! :) I'm sorry your part at Star King was shortened so much !!!

P.S. Please vote for Miss A - Good-bye Baby for Kpop Music Mondays !!!


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