Thursday, July 21, 2011

Super Junior Comeback 2011

Yes, finally after a year and some, Super Junior is coming back! Their comeback is highly anticipated by ELF's such as myself. It seems strange to think of it as a year, since they were working on Super Junior M. The amount we saw of them was very scarce though, as they did not perform in any of the 4 music shows. So we miss them! The teaser photos have started to be revealed (we have a lot of members to go...) and have Eunhyuk's, Donghae's, and Leeteuk's photos out! Have you seen them? I bet, but even if you have or haven't its more fun to seem them compiled so we can try and figure out the concept...

I get it! its VERY colorful! Even the official website's background is filled with a random array of segments from the color spectrum! (It took years for my computer to load it...) But honestly, I'm puzzled by this bizarre type of concept they've "thrown" together for Super Junior.  I keep wondering what was going through the member's heads when they told them, 
Manager: "Wear this!"
Suju: "Ok, but What is this for?" 
M: "Your comeback! Duh!"
S: *stops dressing* .............. "Super-Junior-waiting-for-a-year-and-some-comeback?"
M: "You want another sub-group comeback?"
S: "...."
M: "Hurry and get changed! ^^ "
S: *thinks "ELF, this is a test, real ELF show your true Colors, We're sorry for the test T-T

That's not how it went, but that's what I imagined. The next few days are going to be full of surprise concept photos that I will tease and tease until I finally figure out what's going on.
Super Junior Fighting!
With this I sign off, until tomorrow, I'll keep updating this post as I relief my mind that is being played with by S.M. Entertainment.

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  1. Recently when I think of SUJU I think : Clean and Handsome. This is because in No Other, Bonamana,It's You, and Sorry Sorry, their clothing choices where sophisticated. This ... I don't know what to expect from this. Hope all goes well !!!