Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Best Kpop Songs Ever - Tier 6


11. G.NA ft Junghyung (B2ST) - I'll Back Off so you can Live Better                                                       
This song shows why G.NA became popular. It showcases her vocals and has beautiful lyrics.  The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has decided to leave the man she loves because she understands that he has lost his love for her. She wishes him to be happy and she sees that his happiness is not with her. Even though it hurts her to let him go, she promises herself to forget him. I specially like the chorus since it's really catchy, and relays the meaning of the song. Junghyung's rap also adds to the overall effect of the song, since it gives us insight on what the man in the story is thinking.

credit to gnastarsubs @ YT for subs

12. IU ft Seulong (2AM) - Nagging
Nagging is what this song is all about ^^ The lyrics are written creatively, and specially for a duo. You can clearly hear the females way of telling her partner she loves him, and the response the man gives her. The girl is always worrying about him and although it annoys the guy, at the end he acknowledges that he likes the girl to be that way. She constantly tells him *I nag you because I love you*.
IU and Seulong both have beautiful voices, together, they sound even better.

credit to Billboard100KpopMnet @ YT for subs


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