Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Drama of the Week: Shining Inheritance

Synopsis: "The series is about a woman, Go Eun Sung, who is appointed as the heir of a big food company, by an old lady (Jang Sook Ja) she helped. Jang Sook Ja was touched by Eun Sung's compassion, and brings Eun Sung to home and announced to her family that Eun Sung was going to live with them and appoints her as the heir of her food company instead of her own grandson, Sun-Woo Hwan. The drama maintained its top spot in viewer ratings for ten consecutive weeks in Korea."-

I had never seen Lee Seung Ki in action, and on the net people always talked about Shining Inheritance, so I decided to watch it. To be honest I plunged in to view with high expectations, and I am glad to say, I was not disappointed; AT ALL.

The OST is really fits the scenes and makes the viewer get extremely into it. There is a song especially by K.Will "Love is Punishment" which makes your heart feel warm but in pain at the same time.

The actors are extremely phenomenal. Lee Seung Ki is able to develop his character so well, from making the viewer dislike him, but then as the drama progresses and he matures,you begin loving every single thing he does. The main actress also makes you feel her pain and sadness all through the drama, and to be honest she's not hate-able. It's not everyday that you find a heroine who isn't a pain in the butt all the time. The one who I will most remember from this drama though, is the step-mom. My god is she one of the best actors in the drama; the viewer learns to hate her more and more throughout the whole drama to the point of thinking inexcusable things that you would be happy happened to her.

All in all, I am glad that I began to watch this drama. It had me hooked the whole time and deprived me of sleep and of being active since it kept me hooked to the computer the whole day, seriously 24/7. This drama is definitely recommended for all types of people!! It's easy to find online so i'm sure you guys won't have trouble searching for it. Seriously, do not miss out!


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