Friday, July 29, 2011

Teen Top : Don't Spray Perfume

Recently Teen Top returned to the music scene with a new song tittled: Don't Spray Perfume. Although the song has been received negatively by many, because of its playboy message, here at Debonaire Flare: Kpop, we will promote it because we LOVE it^^ 

We really enjoyed this song specially because it is really catchy and the dance is very sexy, in its own way. We actually liked the song a lot more after reading the translated lyrics, which where epic :) The guy is a player who seems like he loves his older girlfriend to death, but then this word comes along: BUT ... and things change. You get the image of a guy who is playing with two girls. The shocking part is that he gives the same perfume to both of his girlfriends, so that the younger one wont find out about the noona. 

The song is funny, charming, unconventional, and shocking all in one, What we think is a good mix.  

Although it's true that the message is wrong, its actually really funny as well. After all we must remember that its just a song, and there are many who sing about worst things. Overall, to enjoy the song, one must listen to it lightly: take the message lightly and without personal offense. Remember, it's just a song. A very good one if we must add.

So what do you think about the song ???


  1. I cannot believe how much in Love I am with this song! Truly a masterpiece! I couldn't get it out of my head today, it's addicting and funny.

  2. I really like this song! I actually haven't paid attention to the content of the song though.

  3. the set (except for the club) is kind like the one from 0330 [2pm]
    don't you think?



    love the song though
    but if i was the girlfriend
    i'd mop the dance floor with his face...

    although he is my favorite of the group...


    what a mental dilemma... :(

  4. 0330 is a u-kiss song......................
    anyway,,, the set is exactly the same but with different lighting ^^

    But seriously, I would do exactly the same thing you just mentioned if I caught my guy cheating, and much much more, LOL