Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drama of the Week: Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a really good drama that deals with the mundane and the extraordinary in a very classy way...

Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) is a rich, good looking man, who is a little cold, and unforgiving. He is manipulative and always obtains what he wants. His plans are to marry a women in his class level, never once considering loving her.

Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), is a stunt actress who receives little recognition. She lives a interesting life although it has always been hard for her, since her father died when she was young. She has no money, no house of her own, and no expensive clothes.

Ra Im has nothing Joo Won would want, and his character instantly repels Ra Im, but destiny has it that their stories meet and become one.

A women who has fallen for the man that cannot truly appreciate her +
A collision with magic + A change of bodies + Parental opposition
= An Amazing Must See Drama

For all the skeptics out there ...  this drama is really good, don't give up on it with out watching it, just because you do not want to follow the crowd. This might be the only time following the crowd is acceptable :)

Warning: Obsession with Hyun Bin may be a secondary reaction to watching this drama

Here is a taste of the amazing OST


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