Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miss A is Back !!! First Stage !!!

So last time I said I would write more on Miss A's comeback since they are after all my favorite girl group, so here it goes.

I was extremely impressed with the overall concept of the comeback. The girls are looking beautiful, confident, and sexy. The song is pretty good and catchy, "Good-by baby, good-bye". The video is beautifully made and the scenery and cuts are different to what has been seen before from Miss A. Personally this is my favorite MV done by the girls.

I always have one problem with JYP when Miss A performs, but that (thankfully) din't happen on their comeback stage. That problem is those horrible outfits they use to perform. They have nothing to do with the style of their songs, and have nothing attractive at all.

Why do Fei's and Suzy's outfits have pockets on their boobs ???
Can anyone tell me what this has to do with the ballerina concept ???

I thank the coordinators, JYP, and anyone involved with the stage costumes, for allowing the girls to wear the cool clothing from the MV. I guess i will have to resign myself when they go back to the ugly costumes after their comeback stages :(

Other than that, the girls performance was great and demonstrated why Miss A received so much attention as rookies a little over a year ago.


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