Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Bang - Bad Boy

I really really enjoyed watching this music video.
This song is GOOD, probably joining the ranks of the best of Big Bang for me.

  • When I watched the video I couldn't help laughing because I was imagining the people who where watching them film, it must have been a little embarrassing to film that XD 
  • Taeyang looking as smooth as always, and nailing the chorus perfectly!!!
  • I loved the mix of Daseung's vocals with Seungri's in this song, I think Seungri is getting better and better by the day.
  • TOP's little random dance near the end was the cutest thing ever !!!
  • Lastly, can someone tell me what the heck GD is wearing... How does the guy manage to look cool, when he has T.O.P's hair sprouting from his back ?!?



  1. This song is definitely one of Big Bang's best songs. Taeyang really did it for me in this song, his vocals were on point and he nailed the chorus like you said. Lol I didn't even notice TOP dance until I rewatched it now ^.^