Monday, February 20, 2012

Miss A "Touch" Mini Album

I want this album ...

So to add to my previous post, after listening to the mini album, these songs aren't really you're typical k-pop songs. They are catchy and somewhat different to Miss A's previous releases, but awesome all the way. Check them out for yourself below ^^

Many think this song should have bene the tittle track, but I think "Touch" is more suited. Although I also love this song.

Rock n Rule
This song has this chick flick feel to it, girl power all the way ^^

No Mercy
A song with a more upbeat feel with, and a catchy chorus. I feel like tapping my foot and moving my head with the rhythm with this song ... and maybe dancing a little :P

Over U
This song like No Mercy has an "I'm better with out you" theme. This has become a signature theme for Miss A's songs. Good thing it never gets old :P

All in all I really enjoyed these songs and found them really catchy. Bias and all ignored, this album and Miss A should be appreciated for the simple fact that they are not vomit inducing cute or trying to pull of the annoying faux sexiness :P
(Although if done well the sexy and cute can be good ... sometimes ... once in while ... with certain groups...)

A true Legit Girl Group : Power Power Power


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