Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey Hey Hey : U-Kiss

There are many unappreciated groups in K-pop, some of them are just bad, others have the talent but lack good material, and still others are hitting all of the marks and are still undervalued.
With last years release of their album "Neverland", U-kiss became the third type. The material and their delivery where both perfect and above average, but it still hasn't reached the ears of many. Therefore, this post is dedicated to a couple of U-kiss songs that in my opinion are way too good to ignore.



Man Man Ha Ni

On the Floor

Light it Up

Baby Don't Cry

Talk To Me

Next up is a little post on the names of the current members and their age  ^^


  1. I'm just having a comment spree on your blog ^.^ U-KISS honestly doesn't get enough attention. I mean it could be management like their company not promoting them well but they have all it takes to be a top group, at least in my opinion I believe so.

    1. Yep same here or it can be that some of the members are not really the variety type or don't get the chance to shine. Either way they are really well rounded and up to par with many other more successful groups.