Wednesday, February 1, 2012

EXO - What is Love

At first I was a little wary of EXO because I got bored due to so many teasers -_- but after the prologue song was released i'm back on track to liking them.

What is really annoying me are all the people who are bashing them for a pore debut when that song, "What is Love" should be considered another teaser for four of the members. It's not right to compare a "filler" song in an album to an actual tittle track, we haven't even seen them perform. Plus the MV is a compilation of most of their teasers, and although it has a very shaky probably non-existent story line, its high quality.

People should give them a chance...

In truth the song opened a little window to let us see what EXO can be trough those flawless vocals. After this song we at least know that two of the members in both Exo-K and Exo-M can truly sing.



P.S. I've been thinking wouldn't it be the most epic reversal ever if KAI ends up being in EXO-M, it would actually be pretty smart of SM to promote a member from a group that will probably not be seen in Korea much in order to give them popularity and awareness. But probably not, Kai looks to much like Taemin to send him to China JK JK, not that I mind if he stays. What i mind is that Lu Han in in Exo-M and probably Tao too. I can't stop thinking back to my precious hypothesis and hope that Exo-M don't become a part of S.M.'s dungeon, along Zhou Mi and Henry.

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  1. I mean I'm eh still kind of borderline with EXO. The song made me on board with them but now I'm just like what's going on, these teasers aren't really showcasing too much. It feels as if they just have too much hype and I think that's their problem. Don't get me wrong, I am really fond of What Is Love, it's my ringtone at the moment. It would be such a shocker if Kai was in EXO M. I think that would really actually be strategic because if they want more recognition, they might as well put the face of the group in a foreign country (not Korea).