Monday, February 20, 2012

Miss A "TOUCH" !!!


Miss A released the MV for their tittle track "Touch" this weekend and I'm loving it.

In my opinion the concept is the best the girls have had to date, beating out even "Good-Bye Baby" wich was very beautiful. I specially like Min's look this time around after her unfavorable concept if GBBB, that just didn't fit her.

About the MV's feel, I've been reading may comments that say it was rather creepy, but that's it's charm.
The dance is also the best I've seen from them to date. Although it does seem a little robotic, it is also fluid and technically difficult, but they pull it off flawlessly. It's hard to imagine any other girl group being able to do this dance as well as Miss A.

In my opinion the song is awesome and super catchy, the chorus and the beat are perfect. Plus, more than a exclusively being a k-pop song, it seems like it would be something that could be heard on the mainstream radio.
♪ You touch my heart baby TOUCH TOUCH, 
You touch my heart baby TOUCH TOUCH 

I hope they get the recognition they deserve for this song, although it will be rather difficult with Big Bang's comeback on the horizon (which will most likely not disappoint either), but still Miss A was flawless and deserves it. Whatever happens I am anxiously awaiting Miss A's first live and Big Bangs comeback, soon very soon. At least I can say that my favorite Girl Group has never disappointed me.

Miss A Fighting !!!


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