Wednesday, February 1, 2012

F.T. Island - Severely

So I've been trying to catch up and write about all this videos form the past days and up next is F.T. Island. Don't complain because I still have some left :P

I rarely have complains with F.T. Island so let's just go straigh to praise (and if I do It will most likely have to do with the hair of a certain member >.< ).

1. I love Hongki's acting and voice, the boy has talent.
2. I love the rest of the boys, specially Seunghyun, but that is for another post.
3. I loved the song the second time around, because the first time I watched the MV I was only thinking ...         Awww poor Hongki ;(

So check out the MV yourself, that is if you haven't !!!

1 comment:

  1. Lee Hong Ki is just amazing. Honestly. His voice just blows me away. I'm not usually fond of their music videos, just because I like to focus on songs more, but this one really caught my attention.