Saturday, January 1, 2011

Expectations for 2011

Well, to start of the year on the right foot,
here are our expectations for the kpop industry in 2011.
  1. The Khuntoria couple will finally accept that they are dating/in love.
  2. The Guguma couple will continue on the right path (more skin-ship please!)
  3. S.M the Ballad will release more awesome tracks, and continue bringing us "Hot times".
  4. The Wonder Girls will return to giving us great music (and give SNSD some competition).
  5. SM will finally give SuJu the attention they need (Please a comeback...)
  6. Amber will return to F(x), because shes a key factor in f(x).                                                                              [110103] Amber is officially back in Korea , but I won't believe shes actually back until I see a comeback. [110321] Okay she just did a photo shoot with f(x) yay !!!
These are my expectations for 2011. What do you expect from k-pop during this new year?

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't agree more with the Khuntoria wish! When will the WGM series be at an end? So that they can stop "pretending" and move on for real?