Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Try it before you "hate" it

I'm a very biased person sometimes.
When I dislike a book cover I wont read the book, and sometimes I miss out on great stories.
If I dislike a person at first sight, I will not talk to them, and I miss out on good friends.
If I read extremely great reviews on an artist, I won't listen to their music, because if everyone likes the music, then somethings wrong. Like Twilight. Right.
This happened to me lately with the singer IU. When I first read about her in November I didn't give her a chance. Specially when I started hearing that Seulong (2AM) was getting anti-fans just form hugging her during a performance. I thought, what is so great about this girl, that she has all of Korea going crazy? Today I finally had the luck to stumble on her video "Good Day" while looking at videos on YouTube. Suprisingly her lyrics were extremely good and her voice was not lacking. the girl has charm and talent. In truth I appreciate her music, and though I am still upset that others (Seulong) are suffering for very dumb things indeed, I think I found a new artist I like.
'For those of you who haven't seen her video, or like me, haven't given her a chance, here is "Good Day" by IU.


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