Sunday, January 30, 2011

GD & TOP "Don't Go Home" on Inkigayo

GD & TOP never stop surprising their fans when they go on stage and perform with class. Once again, they have shown their flowing charisma and their great creativity skills with a special performance they made on Inkigayo with their song "Don't Go Home". When I saw them perform it in Inkigayo I immediately fell in love with the way they portrayed the song and their flowing movements that perfectly expressed the mood just made me all the more excited! Seeing them perform so professionally has made me anticipate Big Bang's comeback with much more excitement than before. Makes me wish I was able to go to their concert this February.
Well check out the video below and tell us your opinion by writing a comment!


  1. I KNOW, right? Haaa, I almost cried when I saw them performing :') It really took them a while to come back to the stage (at least it felt like the LONGEST ever to me u_u) I was worried though. GD kissing the girl? Aish.. I was so waiting for TOP's turn,.. and I'm humongously thankful that that moment never came :D. YAAAY, TOP really does love me, see? :) Aigoo~

    Since these two guys started with this album I started feeling uneasy about BigBang's comeback. I'm too excited to even think! And yes, I do wish the same as you :/ being over at Korea, attending all their shows, concerts.. meetings, whatever! As long as they're involved.. i'm in too! February is my lucky month thanks to them :D Lmao

    Might as well just make this MY year!! Come on Mizukyu, we can make it to the Korean Music Fest ;)


  2. Fighting!! Korean Music Fest!
    Surely GD&TOP will come, and perform this song as well. Which by the way, was outstanding in many categories. It didn't feel like a song you knew, but fresh and interesting. They don't seem to disappoint me in any way. If we were in Korea we would support, definitely.

  3. I ♥ this song. It has such an upbeat mood, and the lyrics are not that bad for it to get banned. You actually start thinking that the lyrics have a "wrong" meaning after you learn it has been banned. LOL ... LoVe It