Monday, January 3, 2011

2AM: Impressive [101230]

2AM took the stage during the KBS Music Festival 2010, one of the best stages.

This video might be a little old but it doesn't stop impressing me. 2AM is so versatile, and talented.
Changmin ... charming, one of the best voices of kpop.
Seulong ... handsome and flashy (who said 2AM didn't dance?).
Jinwoon ... just has star quality (totally different on stage).
Jo Kwon ... way better than Justin Bieber, anytime (kkap king).

Sometimes I think they don't get enough credit. What is your opinion on 2AM?

1 comment:

  1. I don't know about they're dancing skills, they're good but not enough to impress. Before I used to think that they'd be compared to 2PM for obvious reasons but noticed that they are each talented on a different skill. 2PM seems to have gained more popularity because of their looks, dancing skills. When I heard a song from 2AM, I thought, "Oh this is why they're in Kpop." I can not deny the amazing vocal skills they posses.