Monday, January 3, 2011

MV Releases

The year of 2011 is a great year for the Kpop industry as there is many great artist's having their comeback. Recently the boy-group sensation MBLAQ revealed the new MV for their title song "Cry" from their newly anticipated album. The music video has a great choreography and just like their mentor Rain, they looked awesome under the rain (no pun intended). The video perfectly shows off their skills and every member's unique persona.
Now, many fans have been anticipating to see how DBSK would sound and look without the rest of the members, but it seems that they have nothing to worry about. DBSK has now released the MV for their comeback song "Keep your Head Down" which is nothing far from epic. The DBSK members display a feeling of dominance and power that perfectly fits their song, which I am sure fans did not expect from U-Know and Changmin. Keep up the good work!
GD & TOP have style and charisma in anything they do, and they definitely showed it off in their MV for their song "KNOCK OUT". The music video shows G-Dragon and TOP in all their randomness with them even riding in segways, and dancing with hot chicks, but then again, the latter isn't very surprising. I have to say, the MV did great on depicting GD & TOP's style and flair to perfection.
All three MVs were great to start the new year with but in your opinion, which one was the one that stood out the most and took the show?


  1. I couldn't agree more with the hot chick comment! Also with DBSK, it really was a relief to see them in the new songs. It shows that DBSK is not dependent on Hero Jaejoong. My favorite though, was Mblaq, you have it in order of favoritism for me!

  2. Pssh! Like I already told Mizukyu, if you really want to see hot chicks, come and visit me ;)haha. In my opinion the best video is GD & TOPS's (you'd guess if you knew me). The video itself isn't really that good to be honest. Too random. Lyrics? cocky as hellllll. Also read it got banned for slang usage and so on, oh well. The song is catchy though, once I heard it I couldn't help myself but put it on repeat :D The work that these two very handsome men have been doing is great :). but i'd REALLY, and I mean really, would like to hear from BigBang now. New album perhaps?

    TOP: "My black eyes shake that woman up"

    By any chance.. Was he talking about me?

  3. I'm really disappointed to have gotten into kpop after DBSQ fell apart. Their video is great and the song is extremely good. I am impressed by how talented these two are, the five together must have been awesome.

  4. the other videos looked like bubble bubble compared to the double double combo