Friday, December 31, 2010

Most Popular Song of 2010 [101230]

Does the song "Oh!" really deserve so much recognition? In my opinion 2010 saw a spur of great songs, that were all much better than that sung by SNSD. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against SNSD, but fairness is fairness, and that particular song just din't deserve it. This is why I was partially surprised to see SNSD win Popular Song of the Year for OH! during the KBS Music Festival 2010.

Who truly deserved it in my opinion was Miss A's, Bad Girl Good Girl. A powerful hit song that made us fall for the rookie girl group. In truth this song was a sensation and is still present in most k pop fan's playlists. Personally I play the song every once in a while because it is truly refreshing and different from everything out there. In other words its free of sugary sweetness.

There were other many great songs trought the year, to mention a few: I Am a Loner by C.N. Blue, Lupin by Kara, and Run Devil Run by SNSD (much better than OH!). What was your favorite song of 2010? Do you think SNSD deserved that recognition?

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  1. My favorite song of 2010 has to be Sum by Beast. Each time I hear it feels like I'm listening to it for the first time. It conveys a feeling of being frozen in time, at least for me. There are too many great songs created this year but I'm still confused as well that "Oh!" won so much popularity not only in Korea, but Japan as well.