Monday, January 10, 2011

MBLAQ's releases their first full album "BLAQ Style"

Fans have been waiting for MBLAQ's new album eagerly and were waiting for months, but not anymore! MBLAQ released their first full album yesterday which has thirteen tracks which consist of 9 new songs, intro and outro, and 2 remixes of their hit singles "Y" and "Oh Yeah". For their first album, I have to admit that they did an excellent job with the songs and lyrics. All the songs have catchy rythms and will keep you hooked until each song ends (which a formidable feat). Of course the most popular songs in the album are "Cry" (produced by the famous E-Tribe) and "Stay," which are the main songs. Not only are the new songs excellent but the remixes are actually pretty good. I admit I was actually listening to the "Oh Yeah" remix over and over until I became obsessed with "Stay", which is also one of the singles on their new album.
Overall the album is one of the best I have seen until now since they have debuted. Their style has change and you can tell they have matured as musicians. Give the album a listen (I know you won't regret it). Be sure to see the preview of their new MV for their song "Stay" also, which will leave you anticipating for the full version (it's a nice treat so ~watch it down below~).


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