Monday, January 17, 2011

Success in America, global success?

There was always a question in my mind, "Why do Koreans recruit foreigners into their companies?" Kpop was  featured in Youtube some time ago, and they used this spotlight time to promote their auditions that are held in America. If you notice in S.M. Entertainment's official website there are three audition locations you choose from, Korea, Global, and USA. Let that speak for itself. There is usually one members in each group that knows English, a skill that is essential for success in America.
Take for example 2PM's Nickhun, it is known that even though after they saw him audition and rejected him, he was later sent to Korea anyway. Some other expamles are SNSD's Jessica, Super Junior's Kibum, and U-Kiss's Kevin, coincidence much? Recently I read that U-Kiss will be debuting in America, and many other groups are following this same path. Another example of how they would like to make it in American music industry can be heard when you listen to Big Bang's or 2NE1's lyrics that though sometimes released in Japanese, a lot is left untranslated and in English. Some songs with other artists have English words in it, and some even include phrases. Any of these lyrics sound familiar, and easy to memorize?
"Give it to my Y, listen to my Y. It's over baby."
"I can't breathe, I'm gonna let you know. Here's my love for you boy, I just can't breathe."
"Every night I'll be with you. Do you love her? Do you love me?"
"Can you hear my heartbeat? Listen to my heartbeat. It's beating for you, it's waiting for you."
"Baby there's no playin' delayin', always got me feelin' that healin' I don't want it ever to end."

These phrases are quite catchy and easier to memorize for those of us who can't speak Korean. It is seen as quite an honor to be famous in America. Remember that Rain was very proud of being given a trophy for his acting in the American movie "Ninja Assassin."

Anyone noticed how strange it was that JYJ left not only S.M. Entertainment but also  a Japanese company. Was their real motive against S.M. Entertainment the cruel contract or was it to reach higher seas?

Do you think that if a Korean group debuts in America and is accepted, they will be guaranteed global success?

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  1. Andddd ... you can't forget Min from Miss A. She spent about 7 years training with JYP in the US and waiting for her debut there, when she got desperate not knowing if her debut would ever come, the offer of joining Miss A came. She took it, and lost the opportunity to enter the American market, but gained Idol status in Korea.