Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sungmin!

If you don't already know, or did not remember, today falls on one of our beloved Suju's birthday. I hope he enjoyed the new year's eve along with his birthday, and that the fellow members treated him to a cake. We are glad to see the inmense amount of posts wishing Sungmin a happy birthday that can be seen on the official forum. Happy 25th Birthday Sungmin!

As for the Super Junior comeback, we are hoping we get feedback from Super Junior M this year!  Henry Lau recently uploaded his picture with the comment "Hey its been a while! How have u all been? Hope u haven't' forgotten me!!! Sjm comin soon! Love!" on to his twitter. This gives us hints and anticipation that they are working hard or that they will begin working soon on the comeback! Now comes the question that they did not have to worry about for some time, "Who will be the next Super Junior M leader?" Now that Hangeng left the company it leaves the spot open. It would make sense that the leader has to know Mandarin, no? So who do you think will be the leader, Zhou Mi or Henry Lau?

Even though some fans are still posting in the official forums with the signature, "SJ = 13" I hope they get it to their heads that SM Entertainment won't be moved by this. Super Junior, Fighting!


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