Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tell A Kpop Song of the Week

The first Korean song I heard was..."Wrongful Meeting" cover by Ayumi Lee. The song talks about a lover that introduced their best friend to their companion and they fell in love. This type of situation seems awkward and frustrating, for the great betrayal. Most of the song is rapped and it was outstanding to see that even when Ayumi is quite feminine, the rapping part did not shatter that image. Besides I also loved the outfit she wore for this song. I haven't been able to find a higher quality video but here is a snapshot. 
What was the first Korean song you heard?


  1. The first korean song i heard was from Big Bang and i downloaded it a year before i even got addicted to KPOP. weird isnt it?

  2. Aigoo~

    My first Korean song. It hasn't been long at all since I started listening to this amazing music and I don't even recall. LMAO. My memory is horrible u_u I have an idea though. SuJu? Since you were always talking about them to me 7.7 and I really hated them (back in the days.. you know xD) It was "Super Girl" if i'm not mistaken. No! :S lmao, I really don't recall.. oh well.

    You have an idea of what I started with. The first show I watched was Inkigayo though :D That I do remember n_______n GD&TOP performed and I felt so stoked. I immediately asked you who they were and yeahhhhh, love at first sight *-* TOP! lol

    I was traumatized with T-Ara's "Yayaya" Heck yeah! It's my ringtone baby (AHHAAHHAHAHA)

    Anyways :) Yeaaaaaaah, K~Pop Rules :)(happy now that I said it? xD)

  3. The song that got me addicted to kpop was in fact Super Girl! I remember when you watched Inkigayo!

  4. The first korean song I heard was "Oh!" by SNSD. I came across the video on youtube and I watched it because I was curious. At first I thought that all the girls looked the same but now I can see that they are very different from each other.

  5. My first k-pop song wasn't really conventional or anything, since it was from a band rather than a group. It was "I Hope" by Ft Island, a really cute song/video,with great vocals (Hong Ki). After that I found the Wonder Girls and the list kept growing.