Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1 Year Anniversary

I'M BACK !!!
So I finally have internet access after being away for more than a weak, I missed blogging !!!

As a comeback post I wanted to celebrate Debonair Flare: Kpop's one year anniversary which took place the 29th of December.

I remember that last year Miruku and I decided to work on the blog on New Year's Eve because i was bored and could not go out after having medical surgery on my nose LOL

After that Mizukyu joined us, and later for a long time it was me alone because of miruukus college work and her leaving town, but mizukyu is always there to give a hand !

I would like to thank everyone who reads our post, and specially those that comment, every comment makes us want to keep this blog going.

I love blogging and I love K-pop, that just means I love my blog !!!


  1. Congrats to your blog's one year anniversary ^.^ Mine was on the 26th of December!

  2. @britahysworld Thanks !!!

    Congratulations for your one year anniversary as well ^^ I love you're blog !!!