Monday, January 23, 2012

V-Shows: New Stars: PART 2

Boyfriends W Academy

In this show the boys are enrolled in an "academy" where they will learn the basics that will allow them to become world stars. The show at first seems really cute and just a little funny, the typical show with not many loughs and so on, but as it progresses it becomes a lot funnier. The members each have their own unique color, and we can finally appreciate the less "in your face members" better known as the maknaes (which I adore anyways).

The first episode shows the members introducing themselves, some in very witty manners, followed by an evaluation in languages, such as English, Japanese, and Thai. The introductions get you giggling, but the moment Jeongmin tries out English, it's a complete fail ^^

The round up of the first episode comes with a physical test that shows us that some members, specifically Youngmin, have no athletic ability whatsoever.

This show is great for fans of Boyfriend because compared to their pre-debut show on Mnet, they are much more confident and active. It is also interesting to see the interactions between the members, specially the teasing ^^

Episode 2 will take a more athletic turn, be sure to watch the first episode with ENG. sub here. Credit goes to the lovely subbers <3

Oh and let me just mention the speaker in the introduction of the show. He is just so creepy and greasy. Everything he says sounds wrong and it's really funny.

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  1. Eeeeep it's Boyfriend~ I am such a fangirl for these boys ^.^ I am so about to load this up now, thanks for posting this :)