Monday, January 23, 2012

V-Shows: New Stars: PART 1

Hello Baby: Seson 5 - MBLAQ

Hello Baby has become a household name (or something like that) and many fans have at least heard about the previous seasons of the show, if not watched it. Personally I can only speak for Season 2, whose cast was SHINee. The show was fun, and the viewer could experience another side to the idols, as they took care of the child.

The idols in charge of Season 5 are MBLAQ. Since most of the MBLQ members are naturally funny, it was no surprise that they had a good start to the show. The boys will be taking care of 3 children, 2 which are girls (the first girls to take part in Hello Baby). All three of the children are three years old, and are half-Korean.

I am looking forward to  the destruction and loughs that will surely ensue, as the members try to take care of the three children. As always I am counting on leader Seungho to be dependable, followed by the somewhat backstabbing G.O., the cute and persevering Thunder, and the destruction that always follows Mir and Joon.

Watch the first episode of the show with ENG. SUB here. Credit goes the awesome subbers.


  1. I actually saw the episode yesterday (on a whim) and laughed out loud throughout. Looking forward to the rest of the show. By the way, would you recommend I see the previous four seasons?

    1. Well I've only seen SHINee's, and I really enjoyed it. They were all really cute and funny ^^
      About the other shows I can't say much, but I've heard SNSD's is good.
      On the other hand I've seen a little of Season 4 (Leetuke and Sistar) and was not really impressed.
      Hoped this helped ^^