Thursday, January 19, 2012

I can't believe it took me a year after it was released to find this song. I've heard other Co-Ed School songs before but not this one, and let's just say that I'm completely in love with the song. If CCM (Home of T-ara, Supernova, Davichi, CO-Ed) knows how to do something, then that for sure is putting out great ballads ^^

Co-Ed School -  I Love You A Thousand Times


  1. Ah ballads~ This is one of those ballads gone totally right ^.^

    I've never listened to Co Ed School before, do they release ballads often?

    1. Co-Ed school hasn't really done much. They debuted and promoted in 2010, 2 songs where pop, and the third song was a ballad. They where on hiatus for 2011, and only their female members promoted as "5 dolls". March is supposed to be the debut of the Male sub unit, and then people are hoping for a comeback as Co-Ed.