Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Commentary #1: B.A.P - Warrior Debut

What did you think of B.A.P's debut?

Hmmm still taking it in lol
I like it, its a little too much, but I feel like this is very promising,
like if they tried to showcase everything they can do and acomplished it, although it's a little messy ...

I see.
I thought it was good.
I was shocked at first,
because they blew my mind.

I mean the more I hear it the more I like it,
but the first time i saw it at least the first minute i was a little taken aback
It just seemed disorganized, but once they hit the chorus it grew on me, plus the dance was epic.

I thought it was good overall.
They did exceptionally good compared to other rookies.

They where awesome compared to other rookies,
but they still have room to grow, I'm thinking their next song will be even better and so on.

Well yeah ^^
Even thought they are awesome,
they're still rookies,
so that seems plausible.

you know what threw me off exacly ?
BYG's rap at the beginning it was so random, i think the placement was off, not bad but like way to strong for the beginning, so once that was over i enjoyed it.
Anyway I really want to see more of them !!!

So yeah, that was our conversation, and we sort off threw our opinion out there :) Anyway we are both looking foreword to seeing B.A.P around, they have surely left a good impression.


Random but what do you guys think about this format ? Should we do this more often ?


  1. I liked the format, it's good to see different viewpoint. I personally really liked B.A.P's debut, they definitely will be memorable in my mind. They dropped the cute image, which I like surprisingly.

    1. Thanks, this is actually directly from one of our MSN conversations LOL
      Yeah, In that sense I agree with you they've gone on another level of : I'm not cute, and although I like cute (if done right) I like this as well.