Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dream High 2 : Is it worth it ?

"Dream High's" attractive was undeniably the idols, and how they took a stab at acting, but what really made the story worth loving was the many folds each character was hiding. Without each characters back story "Dream High" would just have become another dance movie, with the obviously bad/ good characters, who had no possibility to grow or redeem themselves in the viewers eye. Thankfully the producers and scriptwriters were able to create sympathetic characters, each with a struggle and a desire to reach greatness.

From the moment the teasers where released it was evident that dream high would be more than pretty girls and hot guys singing and dancing, because there was something more important, a sense of seriousness to the story. The idea that the main theme was struggle with ones self, as well as the world.

On the other hand "Dream High 2: already has a completely different feel, and it has not even aired. If I had to describe what the teasers and photo transmit to me, it would be something like "Bring it On 545: Idol

I am hooping to be mistaken and plesently surprised by a drama worthy of being a squeal to the original, and not just another bubble gum story, that will only be remembered as a terrible fail, and fade into the background, as many sequels do.

Before someone tells me that "Dream High 2" and "Dream High" are meant to be different stories, I know that. What I am trying to get at is the fear that this story will be shallow, and not have that sentimental factor that made many of us a fan of Dream High.

DO any of you share my fear ? or are you all up and ready to take on "Dream High 2" ?


  1. It sounds and looks interesting but I haven't watched the original Dream High yet so I do think I will wait off on Dream High 2. I shall await your commentary on the series when it airs ^.^

    1. Of course ...
      I'll give it a chance but if it becomes to cheesy I'm jumping ship, I can't take cheesiness very well ^^