Monday, January 23, 2012

V-Shows: New Stars: PART 3

TaDah! It's B.A.P

A perfect example of a concept that is so extremely stupid, that it becomes addictively funny.

B.A.P is a rookie group that is gaining interest for their potential, even before their debut which is to take place later this week. The concept of this show has to do with aliens and conquering the world.

Yes, You heard me, B.A.P are a race of aliens whose planet is in the mist of destruction, and they must find another way to gain energy. Himchan, BYG, and Zelo, have found it trough the scream of fangirls. So, essentially they feed of fangirls screams, and that is the reason they want to become idols. In order to make this happen they call for the help of three more fellow aliens/members. The first episode is full of over exaggerated acts and cheap acting which surprisingly work.

Underneath the cheap concept is the purpose of introducing the members of B.A.P, and even though it is exaggeratedly scripted, even for a variety show, we can still see those glimmers of a true personality from each member.

Watch the first episode of the show with ENG. SUB here. Credit goes to the owner.

Plus, check out the teaser for their debut track "Warrior" below.


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