Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Bang is Back

I Was Expecting Much !!!
And I Was Not Disappointed !!!

When I first went into KPOP I had the bad luck of missing any promotions or talk of Big Bang, but I got to see some of their solo projects. The first pointer that I was missing something was when I went of on how much I liked Taeyang and his solar album, to my friend. She just did the natural and pointed out that ummm Taeyang was actually a part of a larger team, Big Bang.
After that I was too caught up in other groups like my bias SHINee , too put much attention on the legend of Big Bang :) but that all changed with the promotions pf 
GD & TOP. I fell in love with their fresh style and manners on stage, which where cute but where also handsome. Their music was exceptional and I just thought add GD's unique voice, TOP's rapping, and Taeyang's vocals and we get a totally hot sound. Now add Seungri's charm into the mix and you have a great group. Of course Daesung was also indispensable, awesome vocals there as well. 

I have fallen for Big Bangs charms though I must say that my favorite song on the new CD is the INTRO "Thank You & You", although "Tonight" and the respective MV is awesome.  

Thank You & You


What do you think about this new album ???


  1. It makes me sad that see that everyone leaves my Daesungie for the end D:! In my prospective, he's the second best from the group. His vocals are just amazingly beautiful! Not only that, but his attitude.. manners, charismatic,.. he has it all! Gorgeous inside out :D♥

    Seeing that you like Taeyang the most XD I have to tell you that.. He's my least favorite (Too shy!!) I won't deny his talent though :) :P

    I myself am very new in this K-Pop wave, veeeeeeeery new. Barely started listening to it on December (formally) thanks to some lady that was always bugging me (she writes in this blog :P) At first I disliked BigBang, which makes my heart ache and feel uncomfortable inside u_u lol but hey, I jumped from very distinct genres and couldn't get used to it at first. Who would have guessed that they would become my favorite group evaaaaaaaa(6) lol XD BB Fighting!

    Agh! I have a very difficult time trying to choose a favorite song from the album D: I enjoyed the intro so much I found myself replying them (In my head) "I'm fine too, thanks! ^^" As for Hands Up and Somebody To Love, I like the Korean versions better, they sound less rushed. Tonight is the hit, the hot sound ;) haha. What Is Right! Feel in love with it as well, Seungri's parts were so soft and soothing, but Cafe.. it stole my heart♥ When I first heard it.. TOP's voice killed me. I squealed like a 12 year old fangirl and i'm not even ashamed of saying it :) lmao. His and Daesung's parts were the best.. best best best!

    Overall, the album brings me eargasms ;) *pretend you didn't read that*

  2. I enjoyed the song "What is Right" more than any other song in the album.