Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Parodies: SHINee

Here are some old parodies or skits done by SHINee !!! these boys are so cute and funny. Have a look for yourself !!!

SHINee at School of Rock
A show where we get to see our boys dressed as girls. True beauties specially Taemin LOL
credits to Niichole8598 

SHINee Harry Potter Parody
Expelliarmus, the spell that solves everything ja ja

SHINee Virus
Key is acting like a total hatter, funny.

SHINee  at Honey Pot
A story of older girls, and younger guys. Minho and Jonghyung are specially attractive, My favorite out of these !!!

credits to unichavrhil

Hello Baby SHINee skit
Keys screams are Hilarius, poor Minho !!!
For those who haven't watched Hello Baby it's a must !!!
credit to Jsjbbt92 

P.S. I LOVE SHINee !!!


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