Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kpop Song of the Week

2PM's I Can't
A guitar strum and then a sweet voice saying, "I can't forget your love..." From the album Still 02:00PM originates the sweet melody that steals you in a "heartbeat." The mood settles in quite well as you can feel the person is sitting at their home thinking about their lover. Do you think it is unlikely for such a high beat group as 2PM to have such a song? Nonsense! These type of songs remind us they have feelings too, everyone does! Let's give our support, as a HOTTEST!


  1. Listen to my heartbeat (It's beating for you) Listen to my heartbeat (it's waiting for you!)~

    xD How coincidental.. I'm listening to them right now :3 Heartbeat rules♥ Though I don't think I've heard the one you mentioned.. I'll check it out :P

    I have a question :O! Do you know why Jay Park got kicked out? That question has been revolving in my head ever since I found out XD I mean.. He's so talented D: Why would they get rid of such a person?

    Anyways.. Don't feel pressured if you don't know xD

  2. About Jay, I don't think anybody really knows why he was kicked out of 2PM (about his talent its undeniable, and I'm expecting a lot from his comeback... coming soon:))

    On the song "I Can't" I just love it!!! Even though it doesn't have the typical 2Pm feel it actually fits, showing a different side to the members. Also the song has been heard a lot on We Got Married, when sung by Nichkhun and Jo Kwon (2AM).

    2PM Fighting !!!

  3. Miruuku you still don't have the right to put dibs on Chansung ... okay :(

  4. success boys, success