Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Infinite - "Nothing's Over" Review

Last year we saw the boys of Infinite debut with a fresh and cute song called, "She's Back", and the boys seem to have returned to the same style although they have become a lot more polished.
I really do love Infinite, specially after this new release from the album Inspirit. They have showed the public that they have great vocals, perfectly synchronized dances, great stage presence, and can pull off any look.
"Nothing's Over", is a powerful song, that talks about not letting the one you love go, because you have the certainty that she is your one true love.

The video has the boys running around after Sungyeol, who is acting depressed. It's actually pretty cute, how they appear at his car window, inside his van, and when he's watching TV. The toilet paper wall and the singing while on the bed, where specially creative.
After BTD they have shed their dark colors for something cuter, pink, purple, light blue, yellow, you name it. The boys still look handsome, but this style allows their cuteness to come out.
Did I mention I love Infinite !!! If you haven't fallen for these boys or are on the verge of doing so check out this video !!!


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