Friday, March 4, 2011

K-Pop Guy of the Week - Hwang Chansung ♥

Hwang Chansung 
Best Known for being the maknae of the Korean group 2PM, managed by JYP Entertainment.  He is a strong dancer who has appered in many dance shows.

  • Stage Name: Chansung
  • Nickname: Perry
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 184 cm
  • Position: Rapper, Sub-vocal, Dancer
  • Hobbies: Music Appreciation, Gaming, Working Out
Family Background
  • Born February 11, 1990
  • Not much known about family
    TV Shows
    • Short Cameo Appearance in Dream High
    • Winner of 2010 Big Star Grand Prix
    • Every Idol show out there(LOL)

    -Chansung is the youngest in 2PM, even though he doesn't look like it, due to his beastly image on stage. He is known for being childish/funny sometimes, but also a ladies man. He has a great body , in which he puts much effort and some think he has an easily hurt ego :)  He is a charismatic and handsome young man, who is also a very talented dancer.

    2010 Grand Prix

    2PM CF My Color

    Cabi Song with SNSD

    Dance witht F(x) Sulli

    Dream High Cut (So Funny !!!)

    Chansung And Fei (Miss A)


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