Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: "Going Crazy" - Song Ji Eun

Secret's Ji Eun has launched her own solo career a week after she has finished the groups promotions. I have to say I really enjoy her song and will probably play it repeatedly on my ipod. The song just has this sorrowful feel, probably due to Ji Euns voice and that endless piano music in the background.
The rapping is pretty good and seems a little americanized in my opinion. Like many have commented, the song sounds like something Eminem could pull off, a little like "Love The Way You Lie". The video is classy, and fits the melody perfectly. I hope Ji Eun receives a lot of support from the fan base. Here is her video "Going Crazy", hope you enjoy.

P.S. I actually wanted to see the car explode or something ( my only disappointment LOL)
P.S.S. Why would you burn a guy like that ??? :)
P.S.S.S. I actually like her hair LOL it gets the point across


  1. Lmao, I was hoping for the car to explode as well. It did though, right? On the teaser. Never mind 8-) hahaha

    I enjoyed watching the video, it was so intense! Even though I haven't checked the lyrics I actually have a feel of what she's trying to tell us.

    Haha the guy looks scared as fuuuuuuu :)XD

  2. what's the name of the guy in the car?

  3. @cloé
    His name is Himchan and he's one of the six members of the boy group B.A.P to debut on January 28 ( I think) along with members Bang Jong Guk and Zelo. He is also an MC for MTV K "The Show".