Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Finds: Big Bang parody of Secret Garden

Okay so I saw this video because knowing Big Bang it would be hilarious. Of course they din't disappoint. Know that iv'e seen this parody iv'e also started watching the actual dram, "Secret Garden". I can say Big Bang caused me to watch "Secret Garden" LOL (now i have to finish "Dream High" and "Oh! My Lady"). Well here are our boys, looking cute, specially G.Dragon, cute cute cute ... ja ja!!! Hope you have fun, I did.

Big Bang Secret Garden Parody

Credit to JAMJOOsubs 


  1. haha i thought it was hilarious as well :D

  2. Lol! I watched it when they first aired it during their 1 hour special in SBS ^^ It was hilarious even though I didn't understand 90% of what they were saying xD I had an idea though, since I had already watched Secret Garden :) I can tell our boys put a lot of effort on the making of this parody :D It ended up being a comple DAEBAK! I'm so proud(H) Since then I've watched it once almost everyday and it never gets olddd! I probably laugh even harder each time. Can't get over my Daesungie's SMEEELLLLL~ XD He did an awesome job imitating Hyun Bin's "mom" And then GD dressed as a girl, puts us girls to shame lmao.

    Taeyang, OMO! He looked exactly like the director XD It's insane how they managed to do so XD They all looked SO similar to the characters. Our maknae haha I bet he enjoyed being kissed by TOP *jealous* aigoo~ I don't know, they just did really good, let's hope they continue succeeding ^^