Thursday, March 17, 2011

Donating Hair

I know this has nothing to do with kpop, but it's something that must get around.
Hair donations are a great way to help someone who is suffering from hair loss.
I touch this subject because I just recently cut about 12 inches of hair, which of course had taken years to grow. At first I was a little unsure if I should cut it, but I thought about all those people who are sick and who my hair can help morally. I also put myself in their place, because in truth anyone can have cancer, it does not discriminate between race, gender, color, nationality, or religion. If you still need convincing, I must say that I felt renewed when I lost some of my hair for a good cause, though I still hope to grow some of it back, my new hair cut is pretty nice.

If like me you feel an urge to do something meaningful, you can visit the following sites to get an idea of where you would like to donate your hair in the U.S. I believe it is possible to do this in other countries, try doing a Google search.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths to help women who loose their hair to cancer chemotherapies.
Locks of Love helps children who have lost their hair for a longterm (years) due to a skin disease.
Wigs for Kids is created to supply children, who have lost their hair due to cancer therapies, with wigs.

These are just some of the best known, there are others. Personally I have opted to donate my hair at Pantene Beautiful Lengths because I have only read positive reviews of the foundation, it would be beneficial to research the foundations you are interested in donating and to be sure that your hair is going to good use.

You may also decide to sell your hair locally or through the internet and donate the money to a cause of your choice. I hope this post convinces you to take a step and help others.


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