Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What is JYP doing ???

JYP had "SAY A" fans pumped up with the announcement that "Miss A" would make a comeback in May, but then they decided to postpone it. Fans where okay with it, since it just meant more preparations and a stupendous first album (which of course I need to buy), as hinted by the single they released in May, called "Love Alone." So, everything was fine, although we where loosing patience with JYP, until TODAY.

Okay I really like 2PM but why are they having a comeback before Miss A ??? This means that fans of Miss A will have to wait over a month to see their girls on stage, if not more. As said before 2PM's comeback would be really exciting for me if they hadn't pushed back Miss A's comeback, it is almost impossible to see JYP take a stupid decision and face of Miss A and 2PM, so the girls must wait.

I've also been thinking that JYP might want to face off 2NE1 and Miss A and see how they do, since 2NE1 has also postponed their comeback do to problems within YG family. Maybe he just wants to prove the girls can do really good with strong competition, because he's provably very confident with the work the girls have done for their album. About proving how good they can be, i'ts not really needed, since everyone knows they are great. They are the female group that has taken the less time to win a stage after their debut. Also, during their debut they faced it off with SHINee and did pretty well.


Here is a teaser he released back in April of Miss A's tittle track ... Enjoy.

P.S. I've read that some Wonderfuls are upset as well ... but at least the Wonder Girls have the excuse of trying to break out over seas.


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