Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drama of the Week: Lie To Me

SBS's romance masterpiece: Lie To Me.
I've introduced this drama to some of my friends who are not Korean-oriented and yet they still loved it. The scenes and scenarios are not overly exaggerated as I'm used to seeing in Korean Dramas, and is more down to earth. Gong Ah Jung, the female main character, was not a useless girl that depends on a guy. Throughout the whole drama she was a strong character that prided herself on accomplishments from her own efforts (it made me respect the character).   The male lead, Hyun Ki Joon, was as described: handsome, well-mannered, rich, responsible, and cultured. Though he was strict, demanding, liked to boss people around, he has a heart mode out of cotton. Well not that soft, but he was a romantic man and could melt any woman's heart in a blink. Over all I enjoyed watching this drama a little too much. It made me cry, laugh (more like rofl), smile, sigh, and clench my fists. This is a must-see drama, and I'd recommend it to anyone at any given second!

I'd also like to mention to of the songs from the OST that impressed me.
The first one is As One & EZ-Life's "Lovin Ice Cream," the second is MBLAQ's "I Belong to You."


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