Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drama of the Week: City Hunter

Okay, so at first I wasn't very interested in the new drama "City Hunter" even though Lee Minho is in it, but since it is Minho, I decided to give it a try.

Was it worth it?


From the beginning of the first episode I already felt the rush from all the action happening. Lee Minho does the stunts and, wow, he really surprised me his awesome butt-kicking skills(apart from his good looks, but that shouldn't be important here, right?).

The drama starts off insanely good and as the first episode goes by the adrenaline rush doesn't disappear! The whole cast of the drama portrays their roles to a perfect "T" and make you intrigued at the development of their characters as the drama will progress. Not only is the cast fantastic, but the soundtrack is seriously EPIC. The soundtrack reminds me of IRIS so much and fits the tone and mood of the drama.

The drama has started off on the right foot and leaves anticipation for the rest of the episodes. If you still haven't started watching it and are interested, don't hesitate! There really was no trailer so here is a little preview i found:


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