Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best K-POP Songs Ever - Tier 4


7. Jang Jae In - Please (Athena OST)

For those who have seen the drama, this song expressed the feelings of a past lover for the main character. Each time the song came up, I was moved to tears for this couple. The song naturally conveys to the listener that this song has a strong sense of regret, and bitterness. As the song progresses the vocals show the strong feelings this person is going through. Overall this song really is extraordinary in the sense of expressing the emotions.

8. Super Junior & SNSD - Seoul

S.M. Entertainment overdid themselves with this song. The theme is simple: "Love your city, Seoul." It is such a peaceful and adorable song. After listening to this song, it makes me want to visit the many wonders that are awaiting to be discovered in this city. Consider this melody a warm welcome from South Koreans into the heart of their country: Seoul.


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