Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Kpop Songs Ever Tier 2


3. 2AM - I did Wrong                                                             
2AM are undeniably one of the best vocal groups in Korea, since all the members have above average voices, specially Changmin. This song is no exception, although it may not be considered a true ballad due to the music, it contains a lot a emotions. The story of the MV compliments the song and we can see another dimension to the lyrics. My cousin who has never even heard about kpop loved the song when I showed it to her. A great song to listen to when you feel betrayed or emotional.

4. Baek Ji Young - That Man (Secret Garden OST)
This song describes the whole relationship between the lead characters in the epic drama "Secret Garden", which are the feelings a woman has for a man who denies their love. The song is really beautiful, specially the lyrics, and Baek Ji Young's voice (the TRUE queen of OST's). Even if you have never read the lyrics you can get the feeling of longing and sadness from the song. This song is Beautiful. For a different perspective there is another song called "That Women" that belongs to the same singer and OST, which has the same rythim, arrangements, and chorus, but a couple of changes in the lyrics, to show the toughs of the man in the drama.

credit to wahtda10 at yt


  1. Personally i like the Hyun Bin verson better ^^

  2. That version is nice as well ... hmmm anything that Hyun Bin does is nice LOL